Jonathan Pyle


My major open-source project is Litigation::Database, an object-oriented database system based on Perl and PostgreSQL, with a web-based front end. It is designed for litigators to keep track of documents, correspondence, transcripts, facts, people, chronologies, and other things. It is fully extensible, so it can be used in just about any context. Still in development.

I am also the developer of docassemble, a Python library for guided interviews and document assembly. It is designed for legal aid applications, but may have uses in other contexts.


GNU Emacs

I do my best to live in Emacs.


I use Debian GNU/Linux on everything from the virtual server that is providing this web site to the single-board computer that I use to connect my IBM PS/2 Model 25 to my home Wi-Fi network.

LaTeX typesetting system

LaTeX is great for automated document assembly, presentations and just about everything else.


Statistical analysis is most fun when it is embedded in a LaTeX document through Sweave or knitr and produces graphs using TikZ.

Legal services

“If an advocate uses his eloquence on behalf of the poor, and pleads for the innocent and the needy, comforting them in their misfortunes without seeking gifts—if he explains the Law to them as he has learnt it, for the love of God, and does no man injury—he shall take no harm from the Devil when he dies, and his soul shall be safe.” – William Langland, Piers the Ploughman, ca. 1360.

Medium Format Photography

I like my Yashica-Mat 124G and my Mamiya RB67, but I wish I had a Hasselblad.

Other Photography

I gave in and bought a digital camera, a Fujifilm X-E1, to which I attach manual focus Minolta lenses. See my Flickr page.


Best to-do list/timekeeping system ever. In Emacs, of course.


The postmodern programming language. I am developing a respect for Python as well.


The best use for a Kindle: reading seventeenth century texts scanned by Google Books.


“It is easy for us to criticize the prejudices of our grandfathers, from which our fathers freed themselves. It is more difficult to distance ourselves from our own views, so that we can dispassionately search for prejudices among the beliefs and values we hold.” – Peter Singer

Favorite authors

See my Goodreads profile.

Favorite YouTubers


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